Family matters: Birth order doesn’t affect personality, IQ among siblings, study suggests

Global News

It’s been drilled into your head: eldest children are ambitious and responsible, the youngest is reckless and fancy-free while middle kids are sandwiched in between and hiding in the shadows.

A new study is debunking these common stereotypes. In what they say is the largest study conducted on sibling order, American scientists suggest that birth order doesn’t affect your personality and intelligence.

Researchers out of the University of Illinois say that while first-borns tend to have a slightly higher IQ, the differences between siblings are so small they offer no “practical relevance” to people’s lives.

Their findings are based on studying 377,000 high school students to zero in on their intelligence and personality traits.

“This is a conspicuously large sample size. It’s the biggest in history looking at birth order and personality,” psychologist and lead researcher, Dr. Brent Roberts, said in a statement.

Turns out, there were only subtle differences in…

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